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Allied 48V "Drop-In" Lithium Golf Cart Battery Easy Conversion Kit

More Range, Faster Acceleration
Charge Twice as Fast as Lead-Acid
Includes: Charger and Upgraded SOC!
8-Year Allied Warranty - We are an authorized Allied Lithium Dealer!

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Allied 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery Conversion Set

Allied "Drop-in-Ready" lithium golf cart batteries, are the same size as your current 6V, 8V or 12V Lead Acid Batteries.

Installation is very easy and can be done at home. Simply remove your existing lead-acid batteries, insert Allied 48V 30AH Lithium Golf Cart Batteries and, attach cables in parallel, secure holding brackets and the install is complete. 

Work great with EZGO, Club Car, ICON, Yamaha and more. Includes strong BMS for upgraded motors and controllers.

Why Choose Allied Lithium Golf Cart Batteries?

Zero Maintenance


No more rubber gloves, corrosion or adding water.

Adding water is not only a troublesome task, but it can overflow and ruin the garage floor.

1/2 the Weight

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Allied Lithium Batteries weigh 28lbs and require much fewer batteries to run the cart efficiently. This results in an average weight reduction of 250+ lbs!

This dramatic weight reduction increases acceleration, maximum speed, and distance!

Fast Charging

Drop-in_Fast Charging_black-blue.png__PID:a6b6e997-5de8-4adb-8b63-1d4d8ffdbf47

After a round or two of golf or enjoying a day around the neighborhood just plug in the Lithium Charger for an hour or two and the batteries will be fully charged.

No need to trickle charge all day and night. 

Great for Long Term Storage

For vehicles left in storage either for long winters or snow birds leaving their car for months, lithium batteries only lose 2-4% of charge per month.

Lead-Acid batteries will lose up to 33% of charge per month when not on the charger.

Tested and Safe

Allied battery has a BMS in every battery. The BMS will detect any problems with the performance of the battery and shut down any cells not functioning properly.

The BMS will also protect the batteries from any over-charging or under charging.

FedEx and UPS have approved our product for air and ground shipping.

8-Year Warranty

Allied Lithium Batteries include an 8-year manufacturer's warranty to guarantee you will receive the full value of your investment.

Lithium batteries under normal use will provide you over 10 years of maintenance-free service! While lead-acid will last just 3-5 years based on how well you maintain the batteries.

Lithium Golf Cart Conversion Packages

48V - DIR front B x2.png__PID:da6a382d-9870-4595-b7d7-df4410560466

What's Included?

  • 2 to 6 x 48V 30Ah Lithium Batteries made to fit the existing slots in the cart.
  • Lithium Waterproof Charger with OEM Plug
  • State of Charge (SOC) Meter
  • Free Shipping
  • 8-Year Warranty

Optional Add-Ons

  • 4 or 6 Gauge Golf Cart Cables
  • Dual USB Phone / Accessory  Charger
  • Dash Mounted Battery Meter

Helpful Allied Battery Install Videos

Common 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery


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Ask a Question
  • 2013 4 seat extended ezgo what and how many batteries will I need . Cart is 48 volt with 6 eight volt batteries and I will also need a charger

    Hi.  All  lithium packages come with the charger and a comm port meter, and all lithium batteries have bluetooth connectivity.  The amp rating on your controller among other factors will determine your needs.  A great reference is found under the help menu, and I will link it here:  Amp hour recommendations. 
    Feel free to send us a chat or an email as well. 

  • For a 2017 EZGO RVX with 4 12 volt batteries (48volt) how many of your lithium batteries would I need? I have a steep hill on my driveway so that might be a factor. Thanks

    Hi, thanks for asking. The number of batteries needed will depend on a few factors including motor/ controller specifications, lift, tires, terrain, and passenger capacity. 
    You can see some reasonable examples of amp hour needs here. Please send us a chat or email us if you would like to discuss further details and ask about our flash sale:

  • How far will my 2000 club car go with 10" tires street driving only 1 lithium battery.

    The minimum quantity requirement of the 48V 30Ah Allied lithium batteries is 2.  This is a good chart to see the estimated range.
    Additional notes
    - Mileages based on vehicles with 1-2 passengers on average terrain.
    - If the vehicle regularly has 3+ passengers onboard or is driven on hilly terrains, choose the extended Range option which will produce standard range.
    - Off-Road driving may derate stated miles.
    - Additional batteries can be added to the cart after install (within the 1st 2 years). Great for users who want additional run-time after initial installation.

    Also, for a 2000 Club Car I would recommend selecting the Cart type/charging as the "Universal with onboard charger" in order to easily bypass the OBC for charging purposes.

  • Can I convert my 2018 ezgo Express?

    Hi Ben,
    You can difinitely convert your 2018 EZGO Express.  You can purchase any of our matching system voltage packages with the proper AmpHours for your setup (this depends on many factors, please send us a chat or email to let us know things like terrain, motor/controller amp rating, top speed, maximum passenger capacity, lift kits and other modifications).  Packages include the basics that one needs to switch to lithium, but leaves out the optional accessories that some need or want for their cart (they can be found by clicking on  accessories).  Be sure to choose the EZGO option if you want to charge via the current EZGO receptacle or if you want to do an on-board charger or if the cart is originally sold with lithium batteries then please choose the universal onboard charging (with EZGO brackets option if you choose the commercial battery package).  You may also need a 12V step down converter if you have 12V accessories and do not have a step down conversion from system voltage to 12V.

  • What do you do with the old batteries?

    Many local cart and auto dealers are often willing to take the old lead acid batteries, and some even give a credit for them.

  • I have a Evolution 4 seater cart 2015 48v currently with 6 lead batteries. What will I need to convert to Lithium?

    The Commercial 48V 105AH package would be a great upgrade and would include everything you need.

  • Will 3 48 volt work with a 500 Amp controller

    For this set up we would sugggest the 48V 105Ah Commercial

  • will these batteries work with a Navitas controller on a Yamaha Adventure Sport 2+2 48 volt? Will i need anything else besides the batteries? New cables?

    If you have 12V Accessories, like lights, horn, etc then you will need a 48V to 12V Converter.

  • Does the bsm handle regen current without shutting down the battery

    Yes the Allied Batteries are designed to handle the regen braking without shutting down.

  • Does the conversion kit for TXT 48 volt models come with a 48 to 12 volt converter?

    It does not. The 48V to 12V Conveter can be purachsed here

  • Do you have a 36 volt drop in for EZGO TXT?

    We would suggest the Commercial 36V 105AH, they are in stock and ship free.

  • Do you have these for a 1999 club car DS

    Yes. If it s a 48V Golf Cart then select the 48V Club Car Option. If it is 36V please select 36V Club Car from the Drop Down located here